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Welcome to the Suwannee Valley Resort.

February and March Special Guests

February 21st Jam Session Weekend - welcome Tony and friends for our celebration of birthdays.

February 28th - March 2nd
Tattoo Artist - Charon check out her web site at

Bare Buns Bikers 10th Anniversary Party - 1st Ride of Spring - Games and Fun

This is also your opportunity to get your portrait done with you bike or your special lady.
Draw the Nude Nude  March 28th - 30th, 2014
with Keith Mueller

Whether just beginning or experienced, learn to draw the favorite subject of artists through the ages: the nude  and do it nude.
Live model and drawing materials provided.  Each session 1 hour.

Session 1: SHAPE
Learn how to coordinate your eyes and hand to get accurate proportions of the entire body.

Session 2: VALUES
Create the illusion of 3-dimensional form with highlights and shadows.

Session 3: TEXTURE
Render the subtle differences of smooth skin and soft hair.

COST: 1 session $25, 2 sessions $45, all 3 sessions $60.

There will be an UNVEILING of one of the artist's latest nudes each day  available as prints, personally signed by the artist and model!

There will also be a FREE PRINT given away each day  your choice of any of the artist's nudes!!

The artist will also be available for your PERSONAL PORTRAIT — clothed or nude!!!


A Sketch of the Artist

Keith Mueller started drawing and painting as a child, beginning his first private lessons at age eleven.  From early on, he found the human face and figure the most interesting, challenging, and expressive subject matter.  He continued painting throughout high school, and went on to study art at Arizona State University and Taylor University (Indiana), completing his BFA at the University at Albany (New York).

Mr. Mueller began painting portraits professionally in 1973.  Since then his work has been exhibited in art galleries across the United States and has received numerous awards.  His drawings and paintings are in many private and public collections, including the Billy Graham Center Museum, the Boy Scouts of America, and the United States Congress.

The nude has been a favorite subject since before his college days, and the artist is concentrating on an extensive body of work in this genre.

A natural outcome has been nude portraiture, increasing in recent years to occupy a greater percentage of his work.  Most nude portraits are commissioned by men of their wives and girlfriends, but men and women also commission nude portraits for themselves and as surprise gifts for their spouses on their anniversaries and birthdays.  Couples often commission nude portraits of themselves, and parents are delighted with nude portraits of their children.

Mr. Mueller teaches drawing and painting classes in his studio and in public and private schools, and he teaches private lessons in individual students' homes.  He also teaches Life Drawing classes for naturist groups, on naturist cruises, and at naturist resorts: Draw the Nude Nude.

P.S. To refresh your memory of what I do as a realist portrait painter:
My portrait of Congressman James Howard hangs in Congress in Washington DC:

Remember that anyone with a current AANR card will get in FREE for their first visit after taking a quick tour.

We offer a 10% discount to all Military, Veteran's, Police, Fire and EMS!


Enjoy Your Freedom
and God Bless Our Troops.

Please take a moment to thank our Servicemen and Servicewomen for making your life all the better.
See you soon,
BG and Tom

Our resort is proudly owned and operated by a United States Navy Veteran.

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