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Rollin down the river in 2015...


August 2015 -
August 4th - United States Coast Guard Birthday - 1790
August 7th - 9th - Amazing Race Weekend
August 14th - 16th - H3 weekend - Aviation Weekend - Honor Veterans August 15th Victory Day Japan
August 19th - National Aviation Day
August 21st - 23rd - Dog Days of Summer - Tye Dye Party
August 28th - 30th - Sturgeon Full Moon Party

September 2015 -
September 3rd - join us in serving lunch to our local Veterans Domicile
September 4th - 7th Labor Day Weekend Party
September 11th - 13th Military Appreciation Weekend - Honor Veterans Patriot Day September 11th
                      Join in the fun when Leslie and Kenny and friends come up to visit - this is a great yearly event.
September 18th - 20th - Honor Veterans United States Air Force Birthday - 1947 - Hot Legs and Wild Socks Weekend - Sept 18th POW/MIA Recognition Day
     Saturday, Sept 19th  -  Join us for Don and Christine's 40th Anniversary Celebration Weekend.
September 23rd - First Day of Autumn
September 25th - 27th Harvest Indian Summer Weekend - Friday is Native American's Day - Special Commitment Ceremony for Cindy and JD
September 28th - Harvest Full Moon

October 2015 -
October 2nd - 4th - Drive In Movie Weekend
October 9th - 12th - Minnie and Mickey Mouse Party Birthday Weekend - Columbus Day Weekend
October 12th - Columbus Day
October 13th - United States Navy Birthday 1775
October 16th - 18th - H3 Naked Pirate Weekend - Welcome back Joe and Jayne
October 23rd - 25th - Zebra Weekend - NFN Takeover weekend
October 27th - Hunter Full Moon
October 30th - November 1st Halloween Weekend - It will be a Graveyard of fun!!!!!!!!!!

November 2015 -
November 1st - Daylight Savings Time Ends
November 6th - 9th Barestreamers 2nd Annual Veterans Day Weekend Event - check out their website
November 10th - United States Marine Corps Birthday - 1775
November 11th - Honor Veterans - Veterans Day- Let's Ride in the Parade with the Legion Riders
November 13th - 15th - X-Ray Vision / Superhero's Weekend
November 20th - 22nd Murder Mystery Weekend
November 25th - Beaver Full Moon
November 26th - Happy Thanksgiving - join us for this special day.
November 27th - 29th - Florida vs. Florida State party Weekend - Holiday Decorations Weekend

December 2015 -
December 4th - 6th Membership Appreciation Weekend and Party
December 7th - Honor Veterans - Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - First Day of Hanukkah

December 11th - 13th - Hayride Weekend - come see the lights at Stephen Foster State Park with us.
December 13th - Honor Veterans - United States National Guard Birthday - 1636
December 18th - 20th - Dirty Santa Weekend Party
December 22nd - First Day of Winter
December 25th - Merry Christmas - join us for dinner on this day.  Then at night check out the Cold Full Moon.
December 31st - January 3rd - Nude Year 2016 Party

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