Suwannee Valley Resort

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AANR (American Association of Nude Recreation)
Couples Membership -  $73.00                      Singles Membership - $42.00 when signing up at the resort

TANude LLC (Travel America Naked)
Couples Membership $40.00   $35.00 for Military, Police, Fire and EMS with proof of service.
Singles Membership - $25.00   $20.00 for Military, Police, Fire and EMS with proof of service.

Seasonal Membership - only for those staying for this time frame consecutively. This is available for those spending the winters with us only. It will be based on 2 - 6 month stays.
Monthly rates are $80 for a single and $90 for a couple per month plus tax for 2 - 5 months.

Temporary Memberships: Tax is not included in these fees.

AANR, TANude, TNS   Couple - $30.00       AANR, TANude, and TNS    Single - $20.00
Non Affiliated Couple   - $42.00       Single - up to $40 per day * may only visit 3 times with Temporary Membership, then must join as one of the following organizations - SVR, AANR, TNS or TANude. Please see below membership information. .
FCN and NFN discounted rates are offered with proof of current membership card only.

Why not support your rights as a nudist and join today!

TNS (The Naturist Society) 
Couple or Single Membership  1 year  - $65.00
Senior Citizen or Disabled Veterans Couple or Single Membership 1 year - $55.00

Veteran's Couple
Veteran's Single$315.00

Membership Rates as of January 2017
Sales tax of 7% will be added to this.

All Memberships are for a year unless you purchase a Seasonal Membership
(2 - 5 month continual RV site stays only).

***Veteran's Discount - Military, (Active, Disabled, Retired or Reserves), Police, EMS or Firemen (Proof of status at time of applying is required). Thank you for your service!
We also offer a special active duty membership for all of the above.

Full Membership - we will also offer this membership with a payment plan
Associate Membership
Day Fees
Day Fees